Ground Rush Bucks



Sharpie is the full brother to ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D, the 2003 AGS Reserve National Champion Doe. We purchased Sharpie in 2011, from PromisedLand, to bring back in some of the genetics from the cross of Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy and Goodwood Mindy. We plan on keeping at least one Sharpie son as a future herd sire.

1 X Reserve GCH
2 X Senior CH

  1. 4/24/10 - Senior Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, - Carrollton, GA - Judge: Brent Deitrich

  2. 4/24/10 - Senior Champion, Grand Champion, Best Buck in Show - Carrollton, GA - Judge: Lisa Synasael


Sharpie's full sister, and '03 Res. National Champion, ARMCH Caesar's Villa STS Suthrn Bell 2*D.

Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie *S (AGS)
Sire: ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S
(Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++*S  x Goodwood Mindy *D)

Dam: Stonewall's Serena *D
(Stonewall's Jumpin Jack Flash  x Willow's Avalanche)

DOB: 06/26/04

Boris is out of two outstanding animals that have proven over and over that they can produce offspring as good as themselves.

Ground Rush Wonderball
Sire: Ground Rush Great Balls of Fire
(GoodTimes Clyde x Caesar’s Villa Rose of Sharon)

Dam: PromisedLand Magic Wanda
(Green Gate Golden Oak +*S  x MCH Green Gate Lil Red Riding Hood *D E)

DOB: 02/22/09

Ground Rush Tic Tac
Sire: Ground Rush Wonderball
(Ground Rush Great Balls of Fire  x PromsiedLand Magic Wanda)

Dam: Ground Rush Razzamatazz
(Woodhaven Farms Final Impact E  x Woodhaven Farms Jett Set)

DOB: 04/06/08

Ground Rush Forrest
Sire: Ground Rush Boris
(Ground Rush Full Throttle  x  Milky Whey’s Mimosa)

Dam: Ground Rush Sparkle
(Ground Rush Great Balls of Fire  x  PromisedLand Magic Wanda)

DOB: 02/22/09

Ground Rush Chip
Sire: Ground Rush Boris
(Ground Rush Touch-N-Go  x Milky Whey’s Mimosa)

Dam: Ground Rush Freefall
(Ground Rush Magic Touch Turbo  x Woodhaven Farms Solo)

DOB: 04/01/11

NC PromisedLand PPW King Midas
Sire: NC Promisedland Paypal
(Buttin'Heads Palimony x GCH ARMCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nita 2*M 3*D E90)

Dam: Atwood Acres GR Winnie
(CH PromisedLand CP Gold Rush  x Caesar’s  Villa CBS U B Trouble)

DOB: 10/25/11

photo and many of the comments courtesy of NC PromisedLand

Ground Rush Nick
Sire: Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie *S (AGS)

(ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S x Stonewall's Serena *D)

Dam: Ground Rush Windy
(Ground Rush Magic Touch Turbo  x PromisedLand Splash Dance)

DOB: 04/01/11

Ground Rush Neptune
Sire: Caesar's Villa STS Sharpie *S (AGS)

(ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S x Stonewall's Serena *D)

Dam: Ground Rush Doreen
(Ground Rush Wing Walker  x Ground Rush Princess Fiona)

DOB: 04/01/11

Ground Rush Elmo
Sire: Woodhaven Farms Final Impact E
(Woodhaven Farms Leviathan  x Shady Meadows Kiwi)

Dam: Caesar’s Villa Golden Harmony
(Stonewall's Palliser +*S VGZ  x ARMCH Mtn Retreat’s Glow Bug 2*DE AR1521)

DOB: 06/15/06

Midas’s dam, Winnie, is a 3 year old that PromisedLand purchased at the 2010 ADGA National Show. She reminded them very much of our their own Bopeep. Since she was sired by a Bopeep son, and was line bred on genetics that PromisedLand had been working with for years, they were compelled to bring her home. Winnie excels in dairy character, being sharp, angular, and open throughout. Her mammary system is capacious and strongly attached, with a very smoothly blended fore. 
The lines behind these kids have produced many of PromisedLand’s best all-round does. There are several generations of excellent udders with great capacity, great teat size, shape, and placement, and very smooth fore udders behind Midas. 
Midas is heavily line bred on some of the very best of the Caesar's Villa genetics (the Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S  X  Goodwood Mindy *D cross). Along with that very successful cross, they have Promisedland’s "Beau" added into the mix. Beau is the sire of many permanent champion offspring, along with several Top Ten daughters, and several Superior Genetics daughters. Beau himself earned Superior Genetics designation. And, they have a bit of Buttin' Heads Wedding Song in the mix. Wedding Song has probably the most impressive show record of any Nigerian Dwarf doe.

Wonderball is very dairy, very long and level, wide and deep with exceptionally wide and well set hind legs. His daughters have tightly attached udders. 

Ground Rush Boris
Sire: Ground Rush Touch-N-Go
(ARMCH Caesar’s Villa CBS Stetson++*S x Caesar’s Villa Golden Harmony

Dam: Milky Whey’s Mimosa
(ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S E x Caesar’s Villa NA Pansy)

DOB: 03/06/08

Ground Rush Zoolander
Sire: NC Promisedland PPW King Midas

(NC Promisedland Paypall x Atwood Acres GR Winnie)

Dam: Ground Rush Sky Blue
(Ground Rush Full Throttle  x Ground Rush Horizon)

DOB: 04/01/11

many of the comments courtesy of NC PromisedLand